10 More Ways to Succeed in a Internship Program

An internship is a great opportunity to check out a chosen field, develop skills, and even gain full-time employment at a firm after completion. To make the most of your internship experience, you should come in with goals and a plan to ensure your success.

Internships might last anywhere from three weeks to three months, which means you’ll have a lot to get ready in a short time of time. So, if this is your first summer internship experience or your second third, we have prepared four key pieces of advice for effectiveness during your program.

Be professional.

Always. If you are getting drinks with coworkers, don’t over do it. Send emails in the appropriate format. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed, and it’s okay to ask what’s appropriate.

Ask questions, but get it done.

It’s okay to ask for more information on a Lask, but know when you have to use the information you have to move forward. Don’t let your nerves paralyze you from getting your work done.

Learn to take criticism.

Internships are a learning opportunity. A good manager will let you know when you can be doing something better. It’s not personal, listen to what they say and adjust.

Stay ahead of the game.

Account for unexpected issues and time to check over your work. If something’s due Friday, get it done Thursday morning. Anticipate problems and learn from your mistakes.

Use every resource at your disposal.

Chances are you have a lot of resources you don’t even know about: past experiences, company tools, and friends. Don’t ask questions you can find the answers to.

Be persistent, but appropriate.

When scheduling a meeting with someone it’s okay to send them a follow up email and a reminder the day of. But if you’re not getting a response, don’t inundate the person.

Be aware of other’s time.

Prepare for any meetings with points you want to make and questions. If you have a contribution, think about if it’s constructive and lucid. Efficiency is key. Thank people for their time.

Always bring a pen and paper.

Your brain is not meant for storage, it’s meant for thinking. Bring them to every meeting and when you are doing work, track your progress and write down your ideas.

Don’t be lazy.

If you find yourself with a minute to Spare don’t go on Facebook. Take the time to read up on a client, research the industry, or work on a side project.

Develop skills.

Think about the work you’re doing and the core skills it involves. Use this summer as an opportunity to develop those skills. Always look for new ways to add to your toolbox.

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