10 Proven Digital Marketing tactics to use in 2021

Though the list of digital marketing tactics to increase website traffic can be much longer, the above-mentioned strategies are more likely to be the ones that are requisite for marketing in almost every industry. Channel Technologies is one such digital marketing service provider in India that identifies your pain points and offers the most promising services that align with your needs.

Opt for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

 Write blogs on trending topics. Several SEO tools can be utilized to identify the right keywords.

Utilize Paid advertisements

 Some popular paid ways are banner ads, PPC ads, social media ads, influencer marketing etc.

Develop Content that appeals

 Create high-quality, relevant, & valuable content. You must also keep updating your outdated content.

Target Long-tail Keywords 

 As long-tail keywords have lower traffic, the competition is lower, thus, it’s easier to rank for them.

Use Social Media platforms for the promotion

 Make complete profiles with links to your website & use them to promote your blogs and other engaging posts.

Host Contests and Webinars 

 This ignites word-of-mouth marketing. Moreover, those who have been a part of your contest or webinar once, it’s easier to market to them in the future.

Enter Guest Blogging 

 Make sure that the site you’re posting on is popular, has a large number of following & has a high domain authority.

Be a part of Forums 

 Offer value, not commercial pitches. Some of the popular platforms are Quora, Yahoo Answers, Reddit, Fluther etc.

Don’t underestimate Email Marketing 

  Build an email list, make sure to keep your emails short, crisp with intriguing subject lines & a call-to-action.

Build High-Quality Backlinks

 Building high-quality backlinks from relevant websites will increase referral traffic and enhance your SERP ranks.