10 Qualities of a Great Mentor

  Every successful person in the world whether they’re an entrepreneur, an athlete or a musician all had great mentors who helped them unlock their potential. Here’s how you can tell whether or not you have a great mentor or not.

A Great Mentor 

1. Challenges You 

– a great mentor always pushes you to be better and never lets you rest on your laurels.

2. Is Experienced 

– Your mentor should have a ton of relevant experience and wisdom they can draw upon.

3. Is Where you want to be 

– Choose a mentor that shares the same vision of success as you.

4. Supports you

– A great mentor will pick you up when you stumble and fall

5. Is a Great Listener

– Your mentor should be willing to share more than just their own opinion.

6. Is Invested in your Success

– A great mentor is happy to see you succeed and even potentially surpass them.

7. Guides you Towards the Answer 

– mentors should never just give you  the answer, but give you the answer, but give you the tools to figure it out yourself.

8. Provides Constructive Feedback

– Your mentor will praise you when you’ve done right and most importantly, help you figure out what went wrong.

9. Respects You

– A great mentor should never look down on your and instead see you as their equal 

10. Is Available 

– A great mentor should always be available to provide the help and advivce you need.