As a new manager do you watch out for mistakes? The excitement of the new job along with the commotion of its demands will cause you to make mistakes.

I need to act early to establish credibility

Defining the what, how, when at the outset doesn’t get you in control, it can make people resent you.

Asking for help or advice is a sign of weakness

Your own ego and belief that seeking advice is a sign of incompetence and others will not consider you fit for the job can stand in the way of asking for help.

You need to optimize for team goals

In an effort to optimize team goals, individual aspirations take a back seat which prevents you from mapping the right people to the right opportunities.

I can balance individual contribution and management responsibilities

You find it hard to leave what you have done for so long and embrace new responsibility with complete focus and energy.

Transparency is the key

Over communication can hurt. Thinking transparency implies. sharing every bit of information between your team members and other stakeholders is a recipe for disaster.

Mistakes are inevitable. Learning from them is essential to growth

Too worried that everyone’s watching you

The feeling of being watched can prevent you from standing up to what’s right and instead go for what’s easy and agreeable.

You are expected to know everything

Thinking that not knowing will hurt your credibility refrains you from saying “I don’t know”. When expected to provide inputs on things you don’t know, you fake it.

Former peers are my friends

The fear that what you say and how you act might offend them and break your friendship prevents you from defining boundaries and aligning on expectations.

My boss knows how I am doing

With less time on your hands you prioritize other activities over meeting your own manager and communicating the challenges of your new role and how you plan to handle them.

I need to be serious in my new role

There’s a difference between being calm and not taking things seriously. Always being on your toes can not only make you stressed, it can have a negative impact on the team.

Saying no will lead to ruffling feathers

Saying yes to show that you are in control or not speaking up about ideas that do not align with your team’s goals can prevent you from doing what’s right.