8 Step Guide to Keyword Research

 Keywords are the building blocks of optimizing a website, thus it involves a multi-layer process to do keyword research and analysis. Using appropriate keywords is the formula to succeed in ranking your website higher .

Keywords Specific to Your Business

 Align keywords to your brand and brand value and business offering .

Research Keyword Related Terms

 Get suggestions related to your niche keyword by searching your keyword on Google .

Add Short Tail and Long Tail Keywords

 Use long tail keywords that are less competitive and stand a better chance of ranking your website higher .

Keywords Ranking Analysis

 List out all keywords that you’ll be using and check their rank .

Time Frame to Rank Keyword 

 Use keywords that take less time to rank , this varies on competitiveness of the keyword etc..

Where to add Keywords

 Wisely add keywords in title tag , meta description and meta keywords tag and content .

Add Back Link to the Keywords

 Link back your keywords to a relevant page or landing page or any blog improves website rank .