With a significant innovation potential, here’s a quick rundown at the chatbot industry trends we may witness in 2022.

Payments via Chatbots

Connecting with the payment infrastructure gives chatbot enough data that enables you to promote conversation-driven upselling to your users. The same can be used to provide updates about a user’s transaction data, payment confirmation, expense records etc.. which leads to high user trust and retention.

Voice Bots

Research from Accenture states that digital consumers prefer messaging platforms that have voice and text based interfaces. It’s all about facilitating your users with a seamless experience with your business, and you can achieve that by voice-driven chatbots.

Chatbots with a Human Touch

All based bots that understand and learn from context will prepare support agents for high impact conversations and better customer service. You can expect chatbots to be more human, as a more human chatbot will keep you engaged by driving the conversation forward rather than breaking it.

Chatbots with Emotional Intelligence

Businesses will build and deploy bots with emotional intelligence to bring soft skills to business that will create a profound impact on how consumers reach out and interact with businesses.

Chatbots based on NLP

Natural Language Processing (NLP) integrated chatbots will be extremely helpful for organizations that have more customer service scenarios. NLP assesses the intent of the user’s input and generates responses in accordance with the context of the input.

Analytics & Insights with Chatbot

With chatbot analytics and insights, you will be able to accurately track and gauge key search terms, preferences, satisfaction allowing you to build stronger relationships and rapport with your customers.

Self-Learning Bots

In 2022 and beyond, companies will not have to spend time feeding new data to bots. They will analyze the pattern in every interaction and train themselves to improve their response capabilities based on user feedback

Bots on Social Media

We have moved on from just making friends on social media, to voicing opinions. ordering products and services, offering reviews, and even getting in touch with businesses. Facebook has now become a trendsetter in equipping businesses with the ability to use customized chatbots made by other parties to help in this process. Every social media platform is likely to follow suit

SMS and WhatsApp based Bots

Although these channels are in their nascent stage, in 2022, you will see SMS and WhatsApp bots create a personalized experience and facilitate open-ended conversations with end users.