Best Budget Apps

8 Free Options for taking Control of your Finances & Saving Money

Tons of people have a tough time when it comes to managing their finances. Luckily, there are ways your phone can help you with that.

Spending Tracker

– This app keeps track of your income and all of your expenses. It has a nice, simple interface making it easy to use. In the app there are breakdowns from each transaction that has been entered. This app allows you to track your budget weekly, monthly or yearly.


– do you have a hard time setting aside money to save? Automate it with this app! It checks your spending habits and saves a few dollars for you when you can afford it. There are no account minimums and withdrawals are not limited.


– This app compiles all of the weekly store ads into one convenient location. It makes searching for sales in your area quickly and easy. you can search by brand, item or category.. Inside the app there are coupons which are matched up with sales.


– This budget app follows Dave Ramsey’s zero based budget approach to money management. Categories break down your spending and to where(and what) you are buying. Know where your money is at a glance. It only takes a few minutes to set up a monthly budget on this app.

You Need a Budget

– This app allows you to separate out all your bills by category and to move money from one category to another if your needs change. This app can sync with other devices allowing a husband and wife,(for example) to simultaneously keep track of expenses and balances.


– This is a great app to use when you share bills with someone, like roommates. Having all of the shared expenses written down can save you a lot of grief and arguments. You can keep track of individual balances, as well as set up email reminders.


– This app is like coupling except without the hassle! Earn cash back on grocery purchases you already make just by snapping a picture of your receipt, Plus get a free $10 bonus just for signing up.


– This app can help you keep track of exactly what you spend your money on .From there you can make a plan and project how much money you will have in the future. It will remind you of monthly bills and has an easy to use interface.