Cyber Security Tactics For Professionals

 Check out the infographics and know what Cyber Security Tactics are beneficial For Professionals. For more detailed info, reach at iGlobe Career and get assistance under expert and certified professionals.


  1. Pay attention to the warnings your browser is flashing in your face .
  2. Have a different , unique password for every account .
  3. Keep passwords tough enough to guess that even your spouse couldn’t figure them out 
  4. Do not click on any links that arrive in an unsolicited email , no matter what .
  5. Keep your business account separate from your personal accounts .
  6. Change your password often .
  7. Do not tape all your passwords onto your monitor .
  8. If you’re struggling to remember your passwords , give lastpass or 1password a try .
  9. Keep all pertinent security software to update 
  10. Backup your computer and settings often .