Developing An eLearning Course

You’ve decided to develop an eLearning course . Before you start the creation process , here are 5 key questions that you should ask yourself . The answers to these questions will help form the foundation of your course .

Who is the learner ?

 It’s very important to understand your learner . What is their role in the organization ? What are their daily tasks and duties ? Why are they undertaking this course ? What is their level of experience with technology ? 

What are the learning outcomes ? 

 Identify what the learner needs to be able to do on completion of the eLearning course . This will ensure that the course content is fit for purpose .

Where is their learning environment ? 

 Where does the learner work ? Where will they access the course ? Ask yourself these questions to inform design choices that complement the lifestyle of the learner . For example , if the learner is on the go a lot the course should be optimized for mobile learning .

How will the content be delivered ? 

 Content must be structured in a way that is logical to the learner and reflects the way that the learner would complete a task , interactive content (videos , mini-games , role-plays , scenarios etc .) Allows the learner to be more involved in the process and holds their attention better . However , you must take into consideration  the needs of the learner and what they are trying to achieve . A practical component might need to be included .

How will the learner be supported ? 

 It’s very important to provide support throughout the learning process . Learners can require academic or content specific support as well as technical support . The levels of support required will change as your learners build up expertise in learning online .