Every Entrepreneur Should Do These 7 Things to Build Business Credit

7 ways you can establish your business credit and best practices to keep you from falling into bad business credit.


  1. Incorporate your business :
  • Choose a business entity
  • Research the incorporation process in your state for your entity 
  • File state paperwork 
  • File federal paperwork 

2. Establish your business :

  • Get an EIN
  • Open a business bank account 
  • Get a dedicated business  phone line and list it

3 . Gets a DUNS number :

  • Register online at the Dun & Broadstreet website

4 . Review your business credit report :

  • Download your credit report from Equifox , Experian , or  Dun & Broadstreet 
  • Review report for errors 
  • Correct and dispute errors following the credit agency’s instructions 

5. Open a line of credit to your vendors :

  • Identify vendors you work with regularly 
  • Ask if they report you payments to credit agencies 
  • Request a line of credit with the vendor

6 . Open a business credit card or line of credit :

  • Make payments on time or early 
  • Open one to two credit cards at a time 
  • Use less than 10% of your available credit 
  • Review your credit report every year