PERSONA BUILDER – How Brightspark Does Buyer Personas – Brightspark Digital Marketing



Age, Income, interests, hobbies

What is their name?

What age are they?

What is their profession?

Do they enjoy learning new things?

Are they tech-savvy?


Painpoints we solve

How is their job measured?

What is their biggest challenge?

What motivates them?


Where do they buy? Spend? How often

Are they an innovator or do they go with the flow?

Are they motivated by what others think of them?


How valuable? Triggers for buying?

What factors drive them to make a purchase?

Are they careful with their money?

What objections do they have to your product/service?


How do they research? Social media used? Tone?

Where do they get their information?

What publications/blogs do they read?

What associations and networks do they belong to?