Agile Methodology

Agile methodology provides a flexible, iterative design and build process. Agile is more than a methodology. It covers a set of processes for extensive projects in dynamic environments. Therefore it is much appreciated by the customers.

Kanban Methodology

Kanban methodology uses lean principles and aims to increase productivity by eliminating wasted time and resources. This methodology can be used in conjunction with Agile.

Lean Methodology

Lean is a problem solving tool of eliminating wastes and removing wasteful activities that don’t add value to the process. By the help of this problem solving tool only the activities which add value to the process can be considered. Activities can be categorized by their values in the process.

Six Sigma Methodology

Six Sigma is a useful problem solving technique for process improvement which was introduced by engineer Bill Smith while working at Motorola in 1986 then became a popular management approach at General Electric (GE) in 1995 by the studies of Jack Welch.

Six sigma methodology relies on 5 process steps, called DMAIC.

Waterfall Methodology

Waterfall method is a simple method for planning projects, In this method the team completes one task or step then performs the next step. All the requirements and the activity sequences are defined at the beginning. Then all the tasks are performed as a waterfall from the beginning up to end of the project