Speedy Mentors Connects candidates with Mentors of Various Professional Backgrounds to Help Grow Their Job Skills and Career Prospects.

Many candidates are facing poorer career prospects and are getting into jobs that are not related to the knowledge and skills they have acquired from their three or four years of study. Likewise, more and more people who have already started their careers are finding it challenging to advance in their chosen professions or even progress.

The reasons for these are varied, from fear of the unknown to lack of clear career goals. However, the biggest reason is that they do not have access to better advice that will help them define and improve their skills and attributes, and how they can use these to break into certain industries or move forward in their current roles. In such cases, people should actually consider an often underutilised tool for professional growth that can also power their way to a successful career: Mentorship.

The power of mentorship is a known fact in the world of work. Many employer organisations have found that having a well-run mentorship scheme has a positive impact in recruitment, retention and productivity of their staff. A lot of employees who have access to mentorship, on the other hand, reported greater career satisfaction and success, including promotions, raises and better job opportunities.

Although these outcomes are encouraging, one problem with the traditional model of mentorship is that it is not as accessible as training and other professional development programs. Aspiring mentees have to scour through their network to find the right persons, contact the persons they have in mind to ask them politely, and express their desire to be mentored. While this approach works, there are many instances when aspiring mentees get ignored. This is especially true for students, new graduates and young professionals.

Speedy Mentors strives to change this archaic approach to mentorship by bringing the function online and making it remote and flexible. Through their online platform, anyone can have access to a mentor in their desired sector or subject of interest. Interested candidates can view the profiles of different mentors to discover their areas of specialisation and the kind of support they can provide to mentees. From there, they can book a mentor and enter in a mentoring relationship which can either be long and structured or a one-time, focused engagement.

Speedy Mentors platform also offers one-on-one sessions between the mentor and mentee. Through this, mentees can ask questions, receive advice in settling in to a new role, gain deeper insights into a particular sector, or discuss their professional career and goals. Also, as everything takes place online, the mentorship itself can be done as and when both the mentor and mentee are available. They can continue with their existing commitments and set a mentoring schedule that works for both of them.

According to Janet Thomason, a representative for Speedy Mentors, “We understand how challenging it can be to find a mentor who is inclined to support another person’s advancement. Not only are there a lot of things to be considered, the chances of getting ignored or rejected are so high because many aspiring mentees are not sure how to approach the people they look up to, resulting in their interactions starting on the wrong foot. By providing a platform where aspiring mentees can easily connect with experienced mentors from different professional backgrounds and are willing to commit their expertise, experiences, energy and time, young people now have a better way to seek and accept guidance, feedback and support. They can then use that to expand their capabilities, improve their professional development outcomes, and achieve their career goals.”

Speedy Mentors offer several mentorship options for those interested to try their service. For those wanting comprehensive guidance and consistent level of support in specific challenges they are facing, they may opt for longer mentorships that can go for days, weeks or months. For those who want to receive immediate assistance for urgent professional development or career-related issues, they may settle with brief mentorship engagements that can last for 30 minutes to an hour or more.

Another great thing about the platform is that there is a wide variety of mentorship agendas to choose from. These include CV feedback, career planning and strategy development, work review, study plan development, and continued learning. With these options, mentees can explore different paths and perspectives that will allow them to quickly adapt and evolve to the situations they are in.

Speedy Mentors have other projects in the pipeline that are targeted to further assist candidates in their professional development and career progression. One of these is the addition of interview preparation programs, which they are planning to launch later next year. “These programs are meant to help candidates break into jobs in top companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, JP Morgan and more. We are planning for these programs to be a complete package. The bottom line is for these programs to help candidates become qualified for roles in the aforesaid progressive companies and enable them to overcome the challenges they could face during the recruitment process.

Mentorship is one of the best solutions to help people navigate their professional development and career advancement more effectively. Through Speedy Mentors’ platform and support, it is now easier for them to make connections with industry professionals and build mentoring relationships that can deliver rewarding outcomes and potentially career-changing experiences.

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