The Modern Marketer

A modern marketer is like a jack (or jill) of all trades, having to be flexible, adaptable, and knowledgeable in more areas than one. Here are some of the most sought-after marketing skills that a marketer needs to stand out from the crowd in 2018.



Maneuvers her way around a large set of data to interpret audience behaviour, assess campaign performance, and measure ROI.

Content Strategy

Defines content goals and uses SEO, link-building, and amplification best practices in order to get maximum exposure for content.

Social Media

Uses aggregate social data to help the company make business decisions and prioritize time and money spent on social channels.


Prioritizes mobile marketing optimization and understands the strong connection between mobile and social for delivering successful campaigns.


Uses insights about customers, campaigns, social, and and mobile to help explore new eCommerce channels and help her company cash in.



Brings new ideas and interpretations to common problems, and doesn’t underestimate the power of the (well) written word


Uses all of the tools in her toolkit to find the most accurate sources of data and make the most informed analysis.


Is able to change plans at the drop of a hat and tackle new challenges with grit and determination.


Works with different departments to optimize marketing efforts and provide data dissection insights to other teams.


Is able to lead and inspire her colleagues with her insight, experience, and innovation.