What Do Data Scientist Interns Do?

Data scientist interns typically work alongside experienced data scientists and perform a range of tasks to support the team. Some common responsibilities may include:

  1. Data Collection and Cleaning: Interns may be responsible for collecting data from various sources, cleaning and preparing it for analysis.
  2. Data Analysis: Interns may assist with data analysis by running statistical models, creating visualizations, and generating reports.
  3. Model Development and Optimization: Interns may work on developing and optimizing machine learning models, such as predictive models or recommendation systems.
  4. Project Management: Interns may be responsible for managing smaller projects within the data science team, including coordinating tasks, setting timelines, and reporting progress to senior team members.
  5. Research: Interns may be responsible for conducting research on new data science techniques and tools and presenting their findings to the team.

Overall, data scientist interns are expected to be self-motivated, curious, and willing to learn. They should also have a strong understanding of programming languages such as Python or R, and be comfortable with data manipulation and statistical analysis.